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The Saturday Slip N' Slide event was started by Steve and Shelley Frody, life-long residents of Georgetown Township and real-estate brokers.  They began the event 10 years ago to bring the community together and also give back in a constructive way.  

With the real estate industry booming, this year, the Saturday Slip N' Slide is brought to you by Never the Same, a national youth ministry organization.  Never the Same started in 2000 and continues to help students grow in their faith through many different avenues.  Head to their website to learn more.  neverthesame.com  This year, all proceeds will go to support the ministries of Never The Same.  


Never the Same will continue to partner with City2Shore and the Frody's to continue the success of this event.  

Enjoy giant slip n slides down the hill of the Soccer Bowl during the summer!  Bring your family and friends to this community sponsored event and enjoy a day filled with fun! 


This is a kid-friendly event for families to enjoy.  Never The Same's desire is to give back to the community and show people that Georgetown Township is a great place to live, work, and raise a family!  We are grateful for local businesses who partner along side us to help bring this event to the community.


We will have four 40x100 foot plastic water slides down the south side of the Soccer Bowl.  There will be a number of local food and refreshment vendors as well as a sponsor tent to learn more about businesses in our area.   There will also be a variety of children's activities throughout the park including such things as bounce houses, dunk tanks, kiddy water park, games and more!


Safety is our top priority throughout the event.  We partner with the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department, local ambulance services, and the local Fire Department to ensure the safety of all our guests.  Nearly 150 volunteers are recruited and trained to help the day flow smoothly.  The Sheriff's office monitors weather conditions and notifies us when severe weather is approaching so we can alert guests as necessary.  First Aid volunteers are present and clearly identified to help with cuts, abrasions, sunburns, etc.  





4 water slides, each 40' x 150', positioned on the south side of the Soccer Bowl.  Slides will be monitored by volunteers to be sure all safety precautions are taken and to maintain order.   A waiver must be signed and wristband purchased for $1 in order to ride the slides.


Sponsored by: City2Shore, West Michigan Sprinkling, GR MotorCar



At the bottom of the Soccer Bowl parents will find a waterpark for their children who may be too young for the slides.  Various pools, small slides, and water toys will be available for our youngest guests.  Parents are required to stay with their children in this area.  Volunteers will closely monitor this area to ensure the safety of all participants.


Sponsored by: Ari Nol Auto Center



Several bounce houses will be available for children of all ages.  Bounce houses will be monitored by volunteers to help ensure safety for all participants.


Brought to you by: Rebounderz



Dunk tanks will be monitored by volunteers to ensure the safety of participants. Children shorter than the water tank will be required to wear a life jacket (provided) if they wish to sit in the dunk tank.


Children who wish to sit in the dunk tanks must wear a life jacket (provided) if they are shorter than the water tank.

Sponsored by: Union Home + Northhuis Auto Repair


This is not your typical foam block pit- we are excited to bring to you a 100% Naturally Organic, Toxic Free Foam! (Think soap suds). Your kids can run around in piles of foam and then slip down the slip-n-slide!

Sponsored by: City2Shore


This game area will be filled with all your favorite outdoor games.  Corn hole, nine square, octaball, and much more! Challenge your friend or your family to a game! 

Sponsored by: Northhius Auto Repair