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Rules & Waiver

2019 Rules and Waiver

All participants under 18 need to have a parent/guardian’s signature.



  1. Participants must have an official wrist band on in order to participate in any activity at the Saturday Slip N Slide.

  2. Participants must follow rules and respect instruction given by staff, volunteers and medical personal.

  3. Participants with an open wound or who are actively bleeding will not be allowed on/in the water slides, dunk tanks toddler water park, bounce houses, or foam pit.

  4. Participants must be physically able to navigate on the slip n slides, bounce houses, dunk tanks, toddler water park and foam pit.

  5. Participants using the dunks tanks, who are shorter than the water holding tank, will be required to wear a life jacket (provided) in the dunk tank.

  6. Participants attempting to navigate on the slip n slides and other activities must be courteous to others and take turns.

  7. Participants must dress appropriately, as this is a family friendly event.

  8. Shoes must NOT be worn on the slip n slides. Water shoes are okay. No buckles or sharp objects that may puncture the plastic will be allowed on the slides.

  9. Do not let your very young children go on the slip n slides unattended. A Toddler Waterpark is available for the younger children; parents are responsible to watch their children in this area. Please do not leave your children unattended anywhere at the event.

  10. All bikes and other wheeled devices are strictly prohibited near the slip n slides. You may use small inflatable tubes or arm bands (NO actual tire inner tubes allowed).

  11. Urinating or defecating on or anywhere near the slides is strictly prohibited. Restrooms are available at several locations on site for your convenience.

  12. Several videographers and photographers will be stationed along the slides and at other areas within the park. Participants agree to allow the event sponsor (CITY2SHORE Real Estate) to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes.

  13. Any participant who disobeys instructions from any of the event volunteers is subject to removal from the event. This includes, but is not limited to, lack of respect, unsportsmanlike behavior, nudity, and offensive language.

  14. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the slides or anywhere on the park property. Any participants or spectators found having or using alcohol will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

  15. Medical personnel reserve the right to examine anyone who they feel needs medical attention.

  16. This is an extreme event. All participants must understand and accept the risks involved with participating in the event. All participants, and/or the parents/guardians of participants, assume all responsibility for any medical costs that may be incurred.


*All participants under 18 need to have a parent/guardian’s signature.

Print Rules/Waiver 2019 and bring with you to the event!
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